A. Several factors can delay Outlook's start time. To troubleshoot this problem, begin by starting Outlook in Safe mode. Go to Start, Run, then type

outlook /safe

If Outlook starts quickly in Safe mode, the problem is most likely one of the following:

  • The outcmd.dat file in the application data\microsoft\outlook folder is corrupt. Rename or delete this file while Outlook is closed. When you restart Outlook, the folder will be recreated.
  • The view is corrupt. Start Outlook from the command prompt by typing
    outlook /cleanview
    to fix this problem.
  • A message in the Inbox is corrupt. Start Outlook in Safe mode, then move the Inbox messages to another folder. Be aware that you will lose your mailbox contents.
  • An Outlook add-in is causing the problem. Open the Tools menu; select Options, Other, Advanced Options; click COM Add-Ins; click Add-In Manager; then clear all add-in check boxes.

If Outlook doesn't start quickly in Safe mode, you can also try to disable Windows Messenger integration. To do so, open the Tools menu; select Options, Other; then clear the "Enable Instant Messaging in Microsoft Outlook" check box.