A. DiskPart is similar to the MS-DOS Fdisk utility, which lets you create and view partitions from the command line. However, DiskPart does much more than Fdisk. In addition, the DiskPart UI matches the graphical interface of the Microsoft Management Console (MMC) Disk Management snap-in.

DiskPart is part of the Win2K Server Resource Kit and the Win2K Professional Resource Kit. (Microsoft includes DiskPart as a core utility in Windows Server 2003 and Windows XP.) You can download the tool for free from Microsoft's Web site.

To run DiskPart, type


at the command prompt, then press Enter. Rather than relying on command-line execution, you actually run commands inside the DiskPart environment. When you're finished, type


to leave the DiskPart environment. For example, the screen might display

                                 C:\Documents and Settings\john>diskpart                                 Microsoft DiskPart version 1.0                                 Copyright (C) 1999-2001 Microsoft Corporation.                                 On computer: TRINITY                                 DISKPART> exit                                 Leaving DiskPart...                                 C:\Documents and Settings\john>

during a DiskPart session.