A. One of the problems with the welcome addition of the disk defragmenter in Windows 2000 is that it has no command-prompt equivalent. As a result, you can't easily schedule the defragmenter to run. To address this problem, Microsoft included defrag.exe in Windows XP for command-level disk defragmentation.

An example analysis execution shows

                                 C:\>defrag d: -a                                 Windows Disk Defragmenter                                 Copyright (c) 2001 Microsoft Corp. and Executive Software                                 International, Inc.                                 Analysis Report                                 6.91 GB Total, 6.73 GB (97%) Free, 2% Fragmented (5% file                                 fragmentation)                              

The command format is

                                 defrag <volume> \[-a\] \[-f\] \[-v\] \[-?\]                                 volume drive letter or mount point (d: or d:\vol\mountpoint)                                 -a Analyze only                                 -f Force defragmentation, even if free space is low                                 -v Verbose output                                 -? Display this help text