A. A. NO!!! These files hold the information of your NTFS volume. Below is a table of all the files used by the file system:

$MFT Master File Table
$MFTMIRR A copy of the first 16 records of the MFT
$LOGFILE Log of changes made to the volume
$VOLUME Information about the volume, serial number, creation time, dirty flag
$ATTRDEF Attribute definitions
$BITMAP Contains drive cluster map
$BOOT Boot record of the drive
$BADCLUS A list of bad clusters on the drive
$QUOTA Quota information (used on NTFS 5.0)
$UPCASE Maps lowercase characters to uppercase version

If you want to have a look at any of these files use the command

dir /ah $mft

Its basically impossible to delete these files anyway as you can't remove the hidden flag and if you can't remove the hidden flag you can't delete it!