How can I export my Outlook Contacts to a format that would look good on a Web page?

Kirk said he had tried to export to a comma-delimited file, then use that file with a spreadsheet control in a Web page. However, he found that approach impractical. I can think of several other approaches that he might explore:

  • Use Outlook Web Access (OWA) in Exchange 2000 Server. Exchange 2000 OWA automatically exposes contacts folders as Web pages.
  • Perform a merge to Microsoft Word. You can use a catalog or label layout, then save the results as an .html file.
  • Use Ivitar Software's ClipForm for Microsoft Outlook. This tool, which you can find at http://www.ivitar .com/clipform, can export Outlook data into a variety of formats, including HTML.
  • Write custom code to create a static .html file. For total control, you can use Outlook automation to loop through all the items in the Contacts folder and build an HTML page from scratch.
  • Write custom code to show the data dynamically. The CDOLive Web site ( .htm and customer info.htm) has samples of this server-side code for Exchange Server 5.x.