A new spyware management Web site and mailing list has been launched. The new site aims to help administrators share ideas and experiences.

The new mailing list, SpywareManagement, is sponsored by Shavlik. Shavlik also sponsors the PatchManagement mailing list and Web site.

Participants of the PatchManagement mailing list recently began discussing issues centered around spyware. After list members indicated that they'd rather have a separate forum for such issues the new SpywareManagement mailing list and Web site were launched. The new mailing list gained over 300 members in only two days.

The SpywareManagement.org Web site also offers Web-based forums for those who prefer using the Web instead of email for discussions. Aaron Smith, security consultant for Shavlik, said they hope to eventually intergrate the forums and mailing list so that those who prefer email-based discussion can still interact with those who prefer Web-based discussions.

Information about how to participate in the Web-based forums and mailing list is available at the SpywareManagement.org Web site.