I first referenced WDS version 2.6.0 in Windows Desktop Search version 2.6 is enabled for the enterprise.

The MUI for WDS 2.6.5 has 30 languages:

Brazilian Portuguese                                Bulgarian                                Chinese Simplified                                Chinese Traditional                                Croatian                                Czech                                Danish                                Dutch                                Estonian                                Finnish                                French                                German                                Greek                                Hungarian                                Italian                                Japanese                                Korean                                Latvian                                Lithuanian                                Norwegian                                Polish                                Portuguese                                Romanian                                Russian                                Spanish                                Slovak                                Slovenian                                Swedish                                Thai                                Turkish
You must first download and install the English version of WDS 2.6.5 before you can install the MUI.

NOTE: See Windows Desktop Search 2.6.5 – enabled for the enterprise.

Download the Multilingual User Interface Pack for Windows Desktop Search 2.6.5.