A. You need a handy utility called bootpart, which creates multiple operating .sys files enabling DOS and Windows 95 to be shown on the boot menu:

  1. Create an Emergency Repair Disk! (RDISK /s)
  2. Reboot the machine and boot into windows95
  3. When "Starting Windows95" is displayed press F8
  4. Select option 8 to boot to previous version of DOS
  5. Once in DOS goto where you unzipped bootpart.zip and type
    BOOTPART DOS622 c:\BOOTSECT.622 "MS-DOS 6.22"
    BOOTPART WIN95 c:\BOOTSECT.W95 "Windows 95"
  6. Edit the boot.ini file to remove the old MS-DOS/Windows95 option
    attrib c:\boot.ini -r -s
    edit c:\boot.ini
    and remove c:\="MS-DOS"
    attrib c:\boot.ini +r +s
  7. Reboot

Be aware that using Bootpart may cause problems if you select "Previous Windows version" from Windows 95.