A. Compaq have their own HAL.DLL, designed in conjunction with Microsoft the Compaq version of the HAL.DLL takes advantage of the Compaq's hardware more effectively than the shipped Windows NT HAL.DLL.

This special HAL.DLL can be downloaded from http://www.compaq.com or from their download area at 713-518-1418. The current version is 1.20A and the filename is sp2465.exe.

To check which version of the HAL.DLL you have perform the following.

  1. Start Explorer (Win+E or Start - Programs - Explorer)
  2. Move to %systemroot%\system32 (e.g. d:\winnt\system32)
  3. Right click on HAL.DLL and select Properties
  4. Click the Version tab
  5. Examine the "File Version". If this value is 3.1, 3.5, 3.51 or 4.00 then HAL.DLL is the Microsoft version, any other would mean you are using a non-Microsoft HAL.DLL, e.g. Compaq.