Q: How can I configure where Windows Deployment Services creates computer objects?

A: By default, Windows Deployment Services creates computer objects in the default Computers container for the domain. However, you can configure Windows Deployment Services to create objects in an alternate location by using the Wdsutil command with the /NewMachineOU switch. The command gives you several configuration options, including the option to create the computer object in the Windows Deployment Services domain, in the user’s domain, in the same organizational unit (OU) as the user, or in a custom OU location. For example, to create computer objects in a custom OU (e.g., AutoComp in the savilltech.net domain), you would use the following command:

C:\Users\Administrator. SAVILLTECH>wdsutil /setserver /newmachineou /type: custom /ou:ou=AutoComp,dc=sav illtech,dc=net

—John Savill