A. When you proceed through the BackOffice Server 4.5 Deployment Wizard, the following components that you didn't previously select might appear in the Setup Configuration Information dialog box:

  • Certificate Server
  • Microsoft Queue Service
  • Microsoft Transaction Server

These components aren't installed on your computer and don't affect the installation or functionality of BackOffice Server (BOS). However, if you want to remove these components from the Setup Configuration Information dialog box, you can edit your unattend.ini file:

  1. Close and save the unattend.ini file from the Setup Configuration Information dialog box.
  2. Open the unattend.ini file located in the drive:\Winnt\Temp folder (where "drive" is your system drive letter).
  3. Use Find to locate each of the following strings in your unattend.ini file:
    • Windows NT Option Pack\Certificate Server
    • Windows NT Option Pack\Microsoft Message Queue
    • Windows NT Option Pack\Transaction Server

  4. Under each of these entries, find the line that begins with "InstallAction," and change it to read as follows:

                                  InstallAction=NONE <br>

  5. Save and close your unattend.ini file.
  6. Run the Deployment Wizard again, specifying this new unattend.ini file, then continue the installation.