AVIcode Adds Client-side Monitoring to Intercept Studio Intercept uX lets designers know how sites perform from the client's perspective

You may know how your servers are performing, but that doesn't necessarily mean you know how your sites work for your users. AVIcode's solution, announced today, is Intercept uX, a product that works on top of Intercept Studio to monitor sites from the client's viewpoint.

According to AVIcode, only 30 to 60 percent of client performance can be measured at the server side. uX reports on factors like the time it takes to load JavaScript and images and correlates this information with server information. It can also detect JavaScript errors, even though client browsers don't usually report the errors, and it can monitor "Web 2.0" functions like AJAX calls.

Intercept uX works without installing anything on the clients and doesn't require changes to your pages' code. It injects the monitoring code from your application server. The product works for both intranet and Internet sites, and end users won't notice anything.

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In most cases, uX would be set to have a threshold that reports when a site takes to long to load for the client. It produces results like those shown here, with a simple readout of how long each part of the page took to load. It also displays the size of the objects displayed, so you can track down large images slowing your site.

AVIcode says its typical customers are medium to large enterprises, but uX could be useful to anyone who's concerned with performance for clients. For now, the product requires .NET server. Intercept uX is $7,995 if purchased with Intercept Studio, and $9,995 if purchased as an upgrade. Visit AVIcode's site for more information.

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