A: The script below can be executed to flush out all policy and force the policy to be downloaded again for a System Center 2012 Configuration Manager client. After it's executed, check the PolicyAgent.log file on the client for the policy download status.
Set oWMI = GetObject("winmgmts://./root/ccm")<br>
set oClient = oWMI.Get("SMS_Client")<br>

Set cpApplet = CreateObject("CPAPPLET.CPAppletMgr")<br>
Set oCommands = cpApplet.GetClientActions <br>
For Each oAction In oCommands<br>
    If UCase(oAction.name) = UCase("Request & Evaluate Machine Policy") then<br>
    End If<br>

The script needs to be ran from an elevated command prompt.

cscript sccmclientpolreset.vbs

Looking at the PolicyAgent.log file (in the C:\Windows\CCM\Logs folder) using notepad or cmtrace (which is part of the Configuration Manager server), you should be able to see the new download of policy. To learn more about System Center Configuration Manager 2012, check out more of John's FAQs such as this one: "Q: How do I automatically approve and deploy updates with System Center Configuration Manager 2012?"