If you wanted something to read other than the monstrous PDF for the Windows 2012 TechNet Library, Microsoft has delivered the full Cmdlet reference guides for System Center 2012.

Provided in both .doc and .pdf formats, 19 guides await a mouse click to initiate the download sequence. Each guide represents a specific System Center Suite product or function and details the entire list of PowerShell functions available for the various applications and services. Some of the docs are quick downloads, but some are sizeable with the largest sitting at about 30MB.

Using Microsoft's Download site feature, you can choose to download all of the docs at once, or pick-and-choose your favorites. The docs also contain Cmdlet lists with in-doc links so you can jump around the guide to locate the functions you're most interested in learning.

The download is available from here: Cmdlet Reference Download for System Center 2012