The next major feature update to Windows 10, the Creators Update, will be released soon and it builds upon the solid security foundation that is already available in Windows 10 using Windows Defender.

Microsoft also offers a cloud based service to enterprise customers that compliments Windows Defender with features to detect, investigate, and respond to threats across the companies network.

Windows Defender and Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection are proven tools that Microsoft uses on their own networks to protect the thousands of machines and devices they support.  As I have stated in the past, there is no better way to learn how a set of technologies work but to see how they are implemented by the company that builds them.

At Microsoft they call this eating your own dog food but I call it a great resource to learn how the tech works first hand.

The Microsoft IT Showcase will provide a one hour webinar on these two products later this month and show you how Microsoft has put them to use across their company.

The webinar, Securing the modern enterprise with Windows Defender and Windows Defender ATP, will be held on 22 March 2017 from 10 to 11 AM Pacific Time.

The presentation will be provided by senior Microsoft security engineers and security architects Brian Hopper and Daryl Pecelj to show you exactly how they make this work.

You can register and add a reminder to your calendar for this free event from the webinar webpage.

Read more about Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection ahead of time from the Windows IT Center.


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