Q. How can I find out which users are currently logged on to my computer or to a remote computer? I want to find out both the users that are logged on via the console (local logon) and users that logged on remotely (network logon).

 A. You can find out who's using resources on your local computer with the command


 net session

Net session can, however, only be run locally, and can't be used to retrieve a list of logon sessions from a remote computer. The same applies to the data you can find in the Windows Task Manager's Users tab—it shows the local and network logon sessions on your local computer.

Windows Sysinternals offers the command line utility PsLoggedOn.exe, which can show local and network logon sessions for both the local PC and remote computers. You can download PsLoggedOn from Microsoft. To find the local and network logons on a remote computer called JohnsPC using PSLoggedOn, type the following at the command line:

Psloggedon \\JohnsPC

The PsLoggedOn output will always show a logon from the administrator account. This is because PsLoggedOn uses the administrator account to collect the data on the remote computer. This also means that in order for PSLoggedOn to work properly you must have administrator privileges on the remote computer.