I noted in Another Botched Patch Tuesday Sends Microsoft Customers Reeling that several of this month's Tuesday patches were reported to have problems. This is just a continuing story in the lack of update quality on Microsoft's part.

Over the weekend, several community members were complaining about KB2859537 exhibiting a couple severe issues with Windows 7 computers. Either applications would fail to execute after installing the update, Windows 7 would no longer start, or Windows 7 would blue screen during boot.

And, while I mentioned this specific update in my previous report, the story is progressing.  Microsoft has updated the KB article for the update to admit that there are known issues.  In the KB article, Microsoft gives no guidance, just that they are researching the problem.

If a problem is enough to warrant a KB article update, I submit that its problem enough to tell customers to stop installing it until the issues have been identified and the glitches worked out.

From the KB article page…

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