You might remember that last week, a few of Microsoft's services including, Hotmail, MSN, Live, Outlook, and Microsoft's web site were offline for a period of time. If only affected some users and Microsoft was quick to restore the online services. Microsoft has yet to state the exact problem, only that the problem had been fixed and the service restored.

Today, we learn that the hacking group, Anonymous, is taking credit for the outage, suggesting that the services that experienced the problems, were not their actual target. Even hackers goof sometimes.

Anonymous has posted an open letter to Microsoft, stating they launched a DDoS attack against Japanese web sites and servers, but instead US Microsoft operations were impacted. They go on to apologize to Microsoft for the error, state their actual intent and cause, and state their love for the Xbox One.

You can read the open letter at Pastebin: Open letter to Microsoft- by Anonymous

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