The KiXtart logon script processor has been around since the days of Windows NT 3.5. Created by Microsoft Netherlands employee Ruud van Velsen, the tool is the darling of many a network administrator. KiXtart was initially released as a 16-bit alternative to batch files. (You can still find a 16-bit version for use with NT 3.x or DOS environments.) A 32-bit version for NT and Windows 9x environments came soon after. KiXtart 2001, a version for Windows 2000 environments, contains many Win2K-specific enhancements but still supports scripts for NT and Win9x. As of this writing, the most recent available version is KiXtart 4.02 (KiXtart 4.10 is available in beta). KiXtart has been, and remains, a free utility. However, van Velsen has recently adopted a CareWare policy that asks KiXtart users to make a donation to one of three organizations listed in the KiXtart documentation. For more information about KiXtart, visit or the discussion boards at