Mark Russinovich and Mark Minasi spoke in a joint TechNet session discussing cloud computing and what it means for IT pros and developers. This lively conversation covers a range of topics, from the evolution of the Azure cloud and Windows Server to “the fork of Hyper-V” and the difference in pacing of releases and features:

  • The relationship between Azure and Windows Server release and test cycle. Russinovich: “What we want to get to is a model where even server products are released much more quickly…That lets us [in Azure development] be much more quick about absorbing it.”
  • The economics of the public cloud. Minasi: “The thing that’s made me believe that we’re all going to end up going to the cloud is that at some point, it’s going to be so cheap that the boss is going to say ‘All my golf buddies have saved a ton by going to the cloud…’.”
  • How enterprises will bridge their on-premises environments with the cloud. Russinovich: “There’s going to be an on-prem for the indefinite future…You’ll still see, 50 years from now, the traditional on-prem data centers.”  
  • How you should look at security in the public cloud. Russinovich: “As much as Azure can secure the infrastructure and give customers tools to protect [weak end points], ultimately, they have to use those tools to secure things.”
  • Which skills are important for IT pros and developers.
  • Data privacy.

You can find this lively and informative discussion with two of the top experts in their fields (and two of Windows IT Pro’s most well-known contributors) on Channel 9. To find out more about some of the topics the Marks discuss, visit the Microsoft Virtualization page.