Cloud-based storage has three well-defined attractions for enterprise IT: it's a smaller initial operational expense rather than a costly capitalized data storage, it's quick to buy and deploy, and it’s offsite. Exploiting those attractions requires a well-designed cloud integration architecture -- and selecting the right workloads. When choosing whether a specific workload would work well with cloud storage, it’s necessary to consider performance factors, including as transaction rates, protocol technologies such as SAN and NAS interfaces, and management tools. As bandwidth speeds increase and bandwidth costs decrease, Cloud Storage becomes a viable option to replace legacy business continuity approaches.

This pre-recorded webcast discusses the components you need to easily integrate Cloud Storage into your enterprise storage environment, including how to assess performance requirements, meet storage capacity objectives, secure Cloud-resident data, and manage the entire ensemble seamlessly. In this webcast you’ll learn about:

  • Cloud storage benefits
  • Cloud storage use cases
  • Components of cloud storage integration
  • Workload selection
  • Enabling technologies: iSCSI and SDN
  • Leveraging SAN technology features
  • Management, resilience, and security

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