Wednesday, May 25th at 2pm ET

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As the transformation to digital commerce and mobile devices continue to drive business, the requirements for more processing and storage capacity, as well as bandwidth, continue to expand to meet the rising demands. In addition, end-users are driving the creation of a myriad of new applications. In response, IT and network architects are evolving the computing and service delivery model to be able to rapidly and flexibly adapt and manage big data, as well as other future challenges, such as the rise of IoT devices and related applications.

Moreover, streaming video and other latency sensitive applications are causing design changes which are occurring across a broad spectrum of computing and the strategic importance of direct access to communication networks. Together these and other factors, are creating a new paradigms across a wide swath of management, technical and operational domains. This is now beginning to impact the design, scale and location of data centers, of which the long term implications have yet to be completely understood.

As a result, even some sizeable organizations which have the financial resources to build large scale facilities are reconsidering the need to design, build and own their own fleet of geographically diverse data centers to meet changing requirements. They are also reevaluating the burden of adding operational and management staffing at each site, to an already challenging task. As a result, there has been a significant shift toward wholesale colocation and cloud based solutions, as well as the development of an integrated “connected campus” offering a hybrid of both.

This webinar will examine why and how wholesale colocation, closely coupled with cloud and communication services can form a cohesive strategic technical solution, as well as integrating with an organization’s long-term financial objectives.

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Julius Neudorfer is the CTO and founder of North American Access Technologies, Inc. (NAAT). NAAT has been designing and implementing Data Center Infrastructure and related technology projects for over 20 years. Julius is a Certified Data Center Design Professional “CDCDP” designer and instructor, and is also a member of a number of professional associations, including AFCOM, IEEE, and The Green Grid. Julius is also currently an instructor for the US Department of Energy “Data Center Energy Practitioner” program.

Julius focuses on issues relevant to data center executive for Data Center Knowledge. He has written numerous articles and whitepapers for various IT and Data Center publications and has delivered seminars and webinars on data center power, cooling and efficiency.