A. Microsoft released Services for UNIX 2.0, which provides the following main components:

  • Client for NFS
  • Server for NFS
  • Gateway for NFS
  • Server for PCNFS
  • Many UNIX programs, as well as the ability to run UNIX scripts within Windows
  • Network Information Service (NIS) compatibility
The NIS compatibility is useful for account matching and provides the following:
  • NIS-to-Active Directory (AD) migration wizard—consolidates account management by moving UNIX source files, such as password and host files, from NIS domains into AD
  • Server for NIS—enables a Win2K domain controller (DC) to act as the primary NIS server, integrating NIS domains with Win2K domains, letting administrators manage an NIS domain from AD
  • Two-way password synchronization—provides the ability to synchronize passwords from both platforms, making it easier for users to maintain one password for both Windows and UNIX
  • User name mapping—Associates Windows and UNIX usernames, letting users connect to NFS network resources seamlessly

For more information, visit the Microsoft Web site.