If you weren't able to attend TechEd 2013 last week in New Orleans, you missed a great event. Usually just a technical learning event, Microsoft used TechEd 2013 to make some huge announcements covering Windows 8.1, Windows Azure, SQL, and even some developer notices.

Brad Anderson was on hand delivering his first TechEd keynote and he really provided an enormously famous kick-off. Speaking with attendees during the week, everyone I talked with was impressed with Brad's delivery and were glad that the TechEd keynote returned to a fun and informative session. Most recalled the dry and dull keynotes from the past couple years and were quick to point out that the Sinofsky keynote may have been the worst ever.

If you didn't attend, or did attend and would just like to relive the now famous keynote opener, here it is:

Bond. Brad Bond.