Over the last weekend, Microsoft released the Skype WiFi application to the Windows store. It took me a couple days for the app's value to actually hit me. If you travel much you're aware of public Wi-Fi hotspots in various airports (Boingo is a popular one) that require you purchase a day pass or you pay for hour chunks.

Through partnerships, Skype WiFi enables you to pay only for the minutes you actually use, instead of having to pay for the specific Wi-Fi service's contract rates. Of course, the Skype WiFi minutes charges are assigned by the public Wi-Fi provider so one location may be more expensive than another. However, you use your Skype Credits to pay the public provider, instead of having to enter a credit card number each time.

When you run the app, the nearest public Wi-Fi service is located, and then Skype negotiates the connection. When you disconnect to catch your plane, the meter stops running and you aren't charge any more.

This is valuable service for those traveling abroad. The Skype folks suggest that Skype WiFi works at over 1 million hotspot locations around the world.

To get it, either search the Windows store for "Skype WiFi" or use the link below:


Skype WiFi app for Windows in the Windows Store