After releasing the news that Four Sysinternals Utils Get Updated, One is a Major Release, we received a Twitter tip about Sysinternals SyncTools from @AWSOMEDEVSIGNER. Community sharing is a wonderful thing!

I had never seen the tools before, so I truly appreciate the tip.

Kenny Kerrhas developed an executable that will pull down all of the latest and most current Sysinternals tools from the Microsoft-hosted web location where they all reside. You only need to download the tool, stick it into a directory that you specify, and run it. The directory you choose to store the executable will be the default directory for the utilities to sync. You can always alter the storage directory by moving the executable to a new directory location.

Kenny has the details (and download) here: SyncTools for Sysinternals

The direct download link is here: Download SyncTools.exe

Reading through the comments on Kenny's post, there appear to be a myriad of ways to accomplish the same thing. Some have used batch files while others have chosen PowerShell scripts to provide the synching mechanism. So, it sounds like others have been doing this for a long while. If you have a utility, script, or method that you are using, feel free to share.