Using DSQUERY and SHELLESC.EXE, I have scripted Mailing.bat to generate mailing labels from Active directory users.

Each label contains:

Display Name
Post Office Box or Address 1
Address 1 or Address 2
City, State, Postal Code
Country (if NOT US)
The syntax for using Mailing.bat is:


Where is the name of the file that will contain the label information, in Tab Separated Value format, suitable for using with the Microsoft Word Mail Merge Wizard.

Mailing.bat contains:

@echo off
if \{%1\}==\{\} @Echo Syntax: Mailing :EOF
set file=%1
set file="%file:"=%"
set wrk=%TEMP%\Mailing_%RANDOM%
set wrk1="%wrk%.TM1"
set wrk2="%wrk%.TM2"
set wrk3="%wrk%.TM3"
set wrk4="%wrk%.vbs"
if exist %wrk1% del /q %wrk1%
:: VB Script to replace » with tabs
@echo dim fso, iFile, oFile,rFile, wFile, iString, oString>%wrk4%
@echo iFile=%wrk3%>>%wrk4%
@echo oFile=%file%>>%wrk4%
@echo set fso = CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")>>%wrk4%
@echo set rfile = fso.OpenTextFile(iFile, 1, false)>>%wrk4%
@echo set wFile = fso.CreateTextFile(oFile, 2)>>%wrk4%
@echo Do until rFile.AtEndOfStream = True>>%wrk4%
@echo. iString = rFile.ReadLine>>%wrk4%
@echo. oString = Replace(iString, "»", vbtab)>>%wrk4%
@echo. wFile.writeLine oString>>%wrk4%
@echo loop>>%wrk4%
@echo rFile.close>>%wrk4%
@echo wFile.close>>%wrk4%
@echo "Name"»"Address 1"»"Address 2"»"City"»"State"»"Postal Code"»"Country">%wrk3%
set qry1=dsquery * domainroot -filter "(&(objectCategory=Person)(objectClass=User))"
set qry2=-attr sAMAccountName displayName postOfficeBox l st postalCode c streetAddress -L -limit 0
set prev=NONE
for /f "Tokens=*" %%a in ('%qry1% %qry2%^|SHELLESC') do (
 set line=%%a
 call :build
call :pre
call :sort
call :output
del /q %wrk2%
cscript //nologo %wrk4%
del /q %wrk3%
del /q %wrk4%
type %file%
goto :EOF
if /i "%line:~0,15%" EQU "sAMAccountName:" goto pre
if /i "%line:~0,12%" EQU "displayName:" set dn=%line:~13%&goto :EOF
if /i "%line:~0,14%" EQU "postOfficeBox:" set po=%line:~15%&goto :EOF
if /i "%line:~0,2%" EQU "l:" set city=%line:~3%&goto :EOF
if /i "%line:~0,3%" EQU "st:" set st=%line:~4%&goto :EOF
if /i "%line:~0,11%" EQU "postalCode:" set pc=%line:~12%&goto :EOF
if /i "%line:~0,2%" EQU "c:" set co=%line:~3%&goto :EOF
if /i "%line:~0,14%" EQU "streetAddress:" set s1=%line:~15%&goto :EOF
if "%s2%" EQU "" set s2=%line%&goto :EOF
if "%s3%" EQU "" set s3=%line%
goto :EOF
if "%prev%" EQU "NONE" set prev=YES&goto :prex
if "%city%" EQU "" goto prex
@echo "%co%"»"%pc%"»"%st%"»"%dn%"»"%po%"»"%city%"»"%s1%"»"%s2%"»"%s3%">>%wrk1%
set dn=
set po=
set city=
set st=
set pc=
set co=
set s1=
set s2=
set s3=
goto :EOF
sort %wrk1% /O %wrk2%
del /q %wrk1%
goto :EOF
for /f "Tokens=1-9 Delims=»" %%a in ('type %wrk2%^|SHELLESC') do (
 call :output1 %%a %%b %%c %%d %%e %%f %%g %%h %%i
goto :EOF
set co=%1
set pc=%2
set st=%3
set dn=%4
set po=%5
set city=%6
set s1=%7
set s2=%8
set s3=%9
set a1=""
set a2=""
if %po% NEQ "" set a1=%po%
if %s1% NEQ "" call :address %s1%
if %s2% NEQ "" call :address %s2%
if %s3% NEQ "" call :address %s3%
@echo %dn%»%a1%»%a2%»%city%»%st%»%pc%»%co%>>%wrk3%
goto :EOF
if %1 EQU "" goto :EOF
if %a1% EQU "" set a1=%1&goto :EOF
if %a2% EQU "" set a2=%1&goto :EOF