The Expert Zone Support Webcast: Using Media Center Extender networks in Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005 page contains:

Session Summary

Thursday, December 16, 2004: 10:00 AM Pacific time (Greenwich mean time - 8 hours)

You can now enjoy media content in new ways in your home with Microsoft Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005, Media Center Extender, and Windows Media Center Extender for Microsoft Xbox. Whether it is live TV, recorded TV, or digital music, you can broadcast digital entertainment throughout your home. Media Center Extender devices connect a Media Center PC with TVs and monitors in the home so that you can enjoy TV, photos, music, and movies on any TV in your house. Expert Zone columnist Barb Bowman explains how to set up and use these new technologies at home and how to obtain help from the online community when you need it.

This is a Level 100 session that will be presented by Barb Bowman.

Barb Bowman is a Windows XP Most Valued Professional (MVP) and has been a regular contributor to the Microsoft Windows XP Expert Zone Community since the launch of Windows XP in 2001. She enjoys sharing her own experiences and insights into today’s leading edge technologies. She is a product development manager for Comcast High-Speed Internet, but her views here are strictly personal. To read Barb Bowman’s columns about Windows XP, visit the Expert Zone.