The subject behavior will occur if incorrect parameters are configured for a server authentication certificate that is obtained from a stand-alone CA (Certification Authority).

To fix this problem:

01. Open Internet Explorer.

02. type http://Local Host/CertSrv into the Address bar and press Enter.

03. On the Welcome page, under Select a task, press Request a certificate.

04. Press Advanced certificate request on the Request a Certificate page.

05. on the Advanced Certificate Request page, press Create and submit a request to this CA.

06. Press Create New key set.

07. Select Microsoft RSA SChannel Cryptographic Provider in the CSP box.

08. Type 1024 into the Key Size box.

09. Select Automatic key container name.

10. Check the Store Certificate in the local computer certificate store box.

11. Press Submit.

NOTE: See Securing Wireless LANs with PEAP and Passwords.