Microsoft has a Knowledge Base article for using FrontPage Search with WAIS instead of Index Server.

Here is the procedure for using the Windows 2000 Indexing Service:

01. Create the Web site using the Internet Services Manager MMC snap-in.

02. Right-click My Computer and press Manage.

03. Expand Services and Applications and then expand Indexing Service.

04. Right-click Indexing Service and press New / Catalog.

05. Right-click the new catalog and press Properties.

06. On the Tracking tab, select the Web site from the WWW Server drop-down menu. Press OK.

07. In the Internet Services Manager MMC snap-in, right-click the Web site and press Properties.

08. Select the Home Directory tab.

09. Check the Index this resource box and press OK.

10. In the Indexing Service snap-in, right-click the new catalog. Press All Tasks and Stop. Then press All Tasks and Start. This will cause the Indexing Service to start indexing the new Web site.

NOTE: You do NOT have to Stop and re-Start the Indexing Service.