One reason for the subject error message is the use of the IPX protocol in a Windows 2000 domain, or mixed mode domain, with W9x clients.

NOTE: If you have a mixed mode domain, the problem may be intermittent. If the LOGONSERVER is a Windows NT 4.0 BDC, the problem does not occur.

To fix this behavior, use any of the following:

- Use another protocl instead of IPX.

- Upgrade the W9x computer to Windows 2000.

- Add NetBIOS support to the IPX protocol on the W9x client, and disable direct hosting.

To disable direct hosting on a W9x client:

01. Use Regedit to navigate to:


02. Select VNETSUP.

03. Press New on the Edit menu.

04. Press String Value.

05. Right-click the new Value Name and press Rename.

06. Type Directhost and press Enter.

07. Right-click Directhost and press Modify.

08. Type 0.

09. Press OK.

10. Exit Regedit.

11. Restart your W9x client.