The Net View command will:

      Display a list of domains.
      Display a list of computers.
      Display a list of resources for a computer.

The syntax is:

net view \[\\computername | /domain\[:domainname\]\]
net view /network:nw \[\\computername\]

net view without parameters will display a list of computers in your domain.

\\computername is the computer name whose resources (shares) you want to display.

/domain\[:domainname\] is the domain whose computer names you wish to view. if you use /domain, it will display all domain names on the network.

/network:nw displays all availalbe servers on a Netware network. net view \\nwserver /network:nw displays the resources available on that computer in the NetWare network.

Sample net view:

Server Name Remark
\\JSI001 PDC, computer room
\\JSI002 Printer room, 2nd floor
\\JSI003 BDC, computer room
\\JSI004 Jennifer's desktop
Sample Net View JSI004:
Shared resources at \\JSI004


Share name Type Used as Comment

JSI004C Disk P:
HSI004D Disk Q:
HPOffice Print Jennifer's HP OfficeJet
NOTE: /domain:domainname can be /domain:workgroupname.