When you use the Control User Access to Fax Printers Wizard to remove a users' fax permission, it removes the Everyone group and grants Full Control to all other users. This doesn't seem like wizardly behavior to me\[smile\]

To fix the problem:

1. Control Panel / Fax Server / Send.

2. Delete the fax printer.

3. Add the fax printer.

4. Double-click Printers and select the fax printer.

5. Click Properties / Security / Permissions to verify:

   Administrator      Full Control
   Creator Owner      Manage Document
   Everyone           Print
   Print Operators    Full Control
   Server Operators   Full Control
6. Control Panel / Printers.

7. Right click the fax printer and choose Properties.

8. Add the user whose permissions you wish to revoke and grant them No Access.

9. Click OK.