If you have a locally attached printer,
and you share it on the network,
and you issue a NET USE LPTx: \\YourLocalComputer\PrinterShare on YourLocalComputer,
your print jobs may loop, creating a Remote Downlevel Document in the print queue.

You may also receive a System event log

Event ID: 10
Source: Print
Type: information
Description: Document XXX, Remote Downlevel Document owned by was printed
   on Printer_nameX via LPT1:. Size in bytes; ## pages printed: 0
To work-around the problem:

1. Start / Settings / Printers and double-click the looping printer.

2. Choose Pause Printing on the Printer menu.

3. Select the looping document and choose Cancel from the Document menu.

4. At a CMD prompt, type: NET USE LPTx: /d

5. On the Printer menu, click Pause Printing to uncheck it.

Other causes of print job looping are described in tips 0548 and 0566.