Windows NT Services for UNIX Add-On Pack.

Microsoft Windows NT Services for UNIX simplifies operations for enterprise customers who run a mix of Windows NT Workstation, Windows NT Server, and UNIX environments. Windows NT Services for UNIX provides core interoperability features in a single, integrated, fully supported package.

Features included in Beta 2 of Windows NT Services for UNIX Add-On Pack:

Resource sharing. Users of Windows NT Workstation 4.0 will be able to access files on UNIX systems, and UNIX workstation users will be able to access resources on Windows NT Server. To provide resource-sharing capabilities, Microsoft is licensing Network File System client/server software from Intergraph Corp. Intergraph is a leading vendor of Windows NT and UNIX interoperability solutions.

Remote administration. Remote administration through Telnet gives remote users the ability to remotely log into and execute commands on Windows NT- or UNIX-based systems.

Password synchronization. One-way password synchronization will allow customers to maintain a common password between their Windows NT- and UNIX-based machines. Changes made to a password for Windows NT Workstation and Windows NT Server will automatically synchronize on UNIX systems. It also will provide a seamless navigation environment, so users can work with data on Windows NT-based servers and UNIX systems without entering their password multiple times.

Common scripting across platforms. Windows NT Services for UNIX will also allow users to run many existing UNIX scripts on Windows NT-based systems. As part of these scripting capabilities, Microsoft has licensed from Mortice Kern Systems Inc. (MKS) more than 25 UNIX scripting commands and its leading KornShell, which gives users the ability to automate common processes and administrative tasks across both Windows NT and UNIX platforms. MKS is a leading provider of Windows NT scripting and migration tools and software configuration management products.