A. DEPENDS.EXE is actually hiding on your Windows 2000 CD in \SUPPORT\TOOLS\SUPPORT.CAB. Extract it by navigating explorer to that bath and dragging it out. It works (very well) standalone.

You can get QuickView Plus V6.0 from Inso at http://www.inso.com

This is a significantly improved version of the one in Win 95/98. I have version 4.5 and it works fine in Win2k. The new version will also compress files. Mine will unzip files, but not zip them.

Check out PowerDesk Pro from Mijenix (OnTrack). It includes the Quickview functionality and a lot of other goodies. For $20 you can't go wrong. http://www.ontrack.com/PowerDesk/

For exes and dlls you could try depends.exe - it comes with MSVC, and with the NT Platform Tool (searh Microsoft for itools.exe).

Try depends.exe - from VC++, or SDK tools.

Thanks to John Sims for this information