A. The following script, which you can download here, tries to bind to a group and if it doesn't find the group, creates it as a global security group. If you require a universal group instead of a global group, replace the ADS_GROUP_TYPE_GLOBAL_GROUP with ADS_GROUP_TYPE_UNIVERSAL_GROUP in the groupType Put command. You also need to replace the values for domainController, contextpath, and groupName.


'Set error handling.  on error resume Next    


domainController="dalsdc01"  contextpath="ou=Testing,dc=geniant,dc=net"  groupName="testsecgroup"    

'Bind to LDAP server.  set context=getObject("LDAP://" & domainController & "/" & contextpath)  'Error handling and feedback  if err.number0 then           wscript.echo "Error connecting to AD " & err.number, err.description        err.Clear  end if    

set objGroup = GetObject("LDAP://CN="&groupName&","&contextpath)          If Err.Number = "-2147016656" then  'If group was not found   err.clear       'Create the group.      Set objGroup = context.Create("Group","cn="&groupName)          if err.number0 then                     wscript.echo "Error creating group " & err.number, err.description              err.Clear       end if          objGroup.Put "sAMAccountName", groupName        objGroup.Put "description", "Testing Group"     objGroup.Put "groupType", ADS_GROUP_TYPE_GLOBAL_GROUP Or _                      ADS_GROUP_TYPE_SECURITY_ENABLED         objGroup.setInfo        if err.number0 then                     wscript.echo "Error modifying group " & err.number, err.description             err.Clear       end if  end if