Here at Windows IT Pro, we're hustling to cobble together the last pieces of content in hopes of taking some time off to celebrate Independence Day. But, we wanted to take a few minutes out to wish all of you, our loyal community members and IT stalwarts, an extremely happy July 4th!

Working in IT, we know that a lot of you will still be required to keep, at least partial focus on all IT matters, particularly the urgent ones, but we hope you will all be able to take some hard-earned time off to enjoy fireworks and good food with friends and family, but, most importantly, to observe a monumental day in our Nation's history.

To get your time off started in the right direction, and to also help remember the passing of one of my favorite childhood friends, I'll let Andy Griffith and Barney Fife send you off.

Happy Independence Day!

Andy Griffith and Paul Revere's Ride:

Barney Fife and the Preamble To The Constitution: