Did you know you have your own appreciation day? Hopefully, your boss does.

What started out as an afterthought on July 28, 2000, SysAdminDay has turned into a fully realized celebration of system administrators in many places and many countries. In addition to a US web site, SysAdminDay is celebrated with a web presence in Australia, the UK, Germany, India, and Brazil. Still not recognized as an official holiday by Hallmark, the 14thannual event takes place on July 26, 2013.

For all those folks who have unpacked servers, installed operating systems, rolled out patches, checked to make sure the server room temperature was just right, backed up files, and dealt with the huge number of crazy end-user requests, this day is for you. We hope someone does something special for you to show their appreciation for all your hard work and all the hours you’ve worked overtime to solve critical business issues. And, if they don’t, we here at Windows IT Pro know how important you truly are.

In case your boss is scratching his head, considering the best way to show his appreciation, send him out to the SysAdminDay Gift Ideas link: SysAdmin Day Gift Ideas

And, don't forget to learn your theme song:

P.S. Even though Hallmark has yet to catch up to the rest of the world, Greeting Card Universe has some cars available. Check those out here: Happy System Administrator Appreciation Day!