With the Windows XP support deadline looming, many companies are frantically seeking help to either start their operating system migration project, or restart a stalled process.

1E, a company known for expertise in in efficient solutions for enterprises, has released an 18 page eBook (really what I'd call an eSlick) that walks through the problems of delaying the Windows XP migration, the top issues IT is faced with for completing the migration successfully and in time, and how the migration can be automated, accelerated, and managed all within a zero-touch migration scenario.

From the book's intro page:

This eBook is about a different approach that will get you and your users to Windows 7 or 8 in a fraction of the time and cost – and with minimal user frustration or business disruption. We call it Zero-Touch Migration because – while there will always be exceptions that demand personal attention – it eliminates the vast majority of manual work and desk-side visits.

You can obtain the eBook for free after a brief sign-up process here: How to automate your Windows migration

There's also a web site associated with the eBook and 1E's Windows migration services: ZeroTouchWindows.com