Microsoft has released the first draft specification for the Windows 98 logo program, also known as the "Logo 4.0 Requirements." This new program establishes guidelines for the new "Designed for Microsoft Windows NT and Windows 98", which will go into effect next year when Windows 98 is released. Developers wishing to get their products logo certified will have to create programs that support at least the following:

  • ACPI/OnNow
  • Multi-monitors (up to 12 in Windows 98)
  • A Windows 95 to Windows NT Migration DLL
  • Distribution of new system DLLs and core components by Service Packs only
  • Language-specific directory names are obtained only by the Registry
  • Full keyboard access to all features
  • Installation Manager (NT 5.0 only)
  • Full Registry compliance
Currently, the Logo 4.0 Requirements are under review and could change before the Windows 98 launch date. Developers wishing to comment on the draft specification can write with the subject line "Logo 4 feedback".

For more information, please visit the Logo 4.0 page