Microsoft accused Sun Microsystems and the International Standards Organization (ISO) last week of hiding key correspondence from Microsoft during the Java standardization process. Microsoft is alleging that Sun and an ISO Joint Technical Committee (JTC) both reneged on promises to post all comments about the procedure. Sun has 60 days to respond to these comments, which explain why Java was denied acceptance as a standard. So far, only non-profit organizations has received standards acceptance for their technologies.

"This seems to fly in the face of the principles of an open standards process," stated Charles Fitzgerald, Microsoft program manager for Internet client and collaboration division, in a letter sent to the press.

The ISO disagrees. "Certain documents are available only to the principal groups involved," said Lisa Rajchel, administrator of ISO's JTC. 

"We agree with Microsoft," says George Paoli, director of marketing at JavaSoft. We would like to see votes, comments, and responses posted openly, as long as it doesn't bias the proceedings. I think that might be ISO's concern, but we are going to approach them. I think that Microsoft is implying that there is something afoot here, and there isn't.