At the end of January, the first second generation Pentium II processor, code-named "Deschutes," will appear, once again opening the door to higher clock speeds and faster systems. The Deschutes chip is expected to debut at 333 MHz, while a notebook version--due by the summer--will debut at 233 MHz. Deschutes utilizes a new 0.25 micron production process, which basically means its much thinner than any microprocessor ever made. From here on out, all new Pentium II CPUs will use this process, which lets the chip run faster and cooler than previous models. It also makes it possible for the Pentium II to be used in portable computers for the first time.

The Deschutes Pentium II 333 will debut on January 26, according to sources at Intel. Mobile versions, which will come out in 233, 266, and 300 MHz versions by the end of the year, will be available by the end of June