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    findpdc domain count

Type findnbt /? for usage.

domain - The domain you want to find the PDC of.

count - The number of times you want the program to try to find the PDC. This tests whether the PDC is properly responding to the query directed at it asking if it is indeed the PDC. Very handy if you suspect your PDC is getting too busy.


Basic example.

F:\DEV\cpp\FindPDC>findpdc joe 10

FindPDC V01.00.01cpp Joe Richards ( September 2001

Converting domain name to UNICODE...
0) \\2K3DC01
1) \\2K3DC01
2) \\2K3DC01
3) \\2K3DC01
4) \\2K3DC01
5) \\2K3DC01
6) \\2K3DC01
7) \\2K3DC01
8) \\2K3DC01
9) \\2K3DC01

Total Runs : 10
Total Goods : 10
Total Errors : 0
Elapsed Time : 1 seconds