On July 1, 2013 Microsoft launched the Preview version of Windows Server 2012 R2 Essentials, along with a myriad of other Preview releases. Windows Server 2012 Essentialsis the replacement for Small Business Server (SBS). SBS has long had a loyal fan base since it was released in 2003, giving small to medium sized companies a bundled software solution for leveling the technology playing field with larger organizations. Windows Server 2012 Essentials does the same, but in a more Cloudy fashion, keeping with Microsoft's widening path to the Cloud.

But, for those that initially sat up and listened to the SBS death knell and then slipped back into their comfortable seat and forgot, Dell has posted up a reminderto let us all know that SBS, it's add-ons, and SQL Server for Business has been removed completely from the Dell price list as of July 2013. Dell states the obvious reasons for the pricing retirement such as small business trends, but more importantly that small businesses are moving to cloud computing for things like email, online back-up, and business tools.

As a small business, or someone who does consulting for a small business, are you seeing the same trend that Dell is seeing? Are small businesses consciously moving operations, applications, and services to the Cloud?