Apple's Mac-compatible version of Rhapsody--the next version of the Mac OS that is based on NeXT Software's OpenStep OS--will run only on the PowerPC but the company will also sell an Intel version.

Apple has no plans to sell Apple-branded Intel machines, but the company recognizes the overwhelming market volume of the chipset and will continue to sell and enhance the Intel-compatible version of OpenStep. They will also sell a version that runs on Solaris. Only the PowerPC version will be Mac-compatible, however.

In other Apple news, the company is planning to release several new products on February 14, including the Newton MessagePad 2000 and eMate 300, a new line of Power Macs than run at speeds of 180 to 250 Mhz, and a dual processor Power Macintosh that features symmetrical multiprocessing. The Newton releases may be Apple's last: the company is expected to drop the line this year and perhaps sell the technology to other companies