Q: How can I uninstall the Hyper-V Integration Services from Windows Server 2012/Windows 8?

A: The Integration Services for Hyper-V are actually part of the Windows Server and Windows Client OSs (since the time of Windows Server 2008 R2/Windows 7) and can't be removed. However, that's not a problem.

The logic for wanting to remove Integration Services is because you likely want to run the OSs on a hypervisor other than Hyper-V. You might be used to the problems of moving from VMware to another hypervisor and having to make sure the VMware Integration Components are removed.

This doesn't happen with the Hyper-V Integration Services. On startup, the Hyper-V Integration Services are triggered via the BIOS in the virtual machine (VM) that controls the starting of the VMBus. If the hypervisor isn't Hyper-V, then the assertion to start VMBus won't occur and the Integration Services won't be started or used.