In addition to these books, the security sections of the Windows NT 4.0 and the NetWare 4.1 documentation are excellent references about how to configure both network operating systems in a secure manner. This information is especially important because both NT and NetWare install by default in a nonsecure setup.

Applied Cryptography
Author: Bruce Schneier
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
New York, 1996
ISBN 0-471-12845-7
Price: $49.95, 784 pages

Computer Security Basics
Authors: Deborah Russell and G.T. Gangemi
Publisher: O'Reilly & Associates
Sebastopol, CA, 1991
ISBN 0-937-17571-4
Price: $29.95, 464 pages

Practical UNIX & Internet Security, 2nd Edition
Authors: Simson Garfinkel and Gene Spafford
Publisher: O'Reilly & Associates
Sebastopol, CA, 1996
ISBN 1-565-92148-8
Price: $39.95, 1004 pages

PGP: Pretty Good Privacy
Author: Simson Garfinkel
Publisher: O'Reilly & Associates
Sebastopol, CA, 1994
ISBN 1-565-92098-8
Price: $29.95, 430 pages

Windows NT Security Guide
Author: Stephen Sutton
Publisher: Addison-Wesley Developers Press
Reading, MA 1997
ISBN 0-201-41969-6
Price: $29.95, 384 pages

Windows NT Security Handbook
Author: Tom Sheldon
Publisher: Osborne McGraw-Hill
New York, 1996
ISBN 0-078-82240-8
Price: $34.99, 679 pages