If you've worked with Windows 8 for a while, you know that the stock web browser for the Windows 8 "metro" side is not great. It does a fair job, and is definitely better than the iPad browser, but it's not full featured and harder to manage than its desktop counterpart. Microsoft is sure to improve the browsing experience with IE11 in Windows 8.1, but I've recently been testing a new browser, called WebSplit, that adds a bit of flair to browsing the web.

WebSplit does just what its name suggests: it splits the web into four different panels, allowing you to surf or monitor multiple sites and pages.

This is just a first release, but I expect the app to improve with a few updates. There's already a range of features, though. Not only can you have multiple pages running, but you can also dynamically resize the pages, giving focus to the web page you want to work with.

In addition to that, you can create and save your own layouts, giving you the ability to open all of your favorite pages and sites with one click or touch.

If the four panel layout gets a bit cluttered, you can also choose the option to leave the app and open one of the panels in a full IE10 tab.

WebSplit is not free, however. Its $2.99 from the Windows Store, so you really have to consider if having the functionality that WebSplit provides is worth the price. As new updates are made available, it might make more sense to invest the money. Right now it's just a novelty. For me, though, it’s a great way to keep tabs on the web sites that I need to monitor and manage.

To get it, you can search the Windows store for 'WebSplit' or use the following link:

WebSplit app for Windows in the Windows Store