Microsoft has outdone themselves with the release of a language translator application for Windows 8. Powered by Bing and developed by Microsoft Research, the new app takes translations to another level.

Once you have downloaded and installed the free app, all you need do is select text from within a modern Windows app, swipe from the right, and select a Share charm to share the text with Bing Translator and get your translation.

And, while it's great to be able to translate text on your computer, what's even more valuable is to be able to translate text in real-life.

Here I am holding my business card up to my Surface Pro webcam and having Bing Translator convert from English to Chinese.

The implications of using your device's camera to navigate your life through a foreign country are huge.The stress of reading maps, signs, and menus just became a non-event. You can download the Bing Translator app from the Windows store by searching for (of course) "Bing Translator", or just use the link below.

Bing Translator

Bing Translator app for Windows in the Windows Store